About us – Slo Kombucha

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Our Story

Our kombucha journey began back in 2018. It started off as a curiosity of how kombucha was made, tasted and how it can be transformed to be used as an ingredient in creating new beverages. Little did we know then about the benefits of kombucha. 

As full time baristas, regular consumption of coffee on an empty stomach and irregular eating hours became a norm in our daily lives. With it, came several gut complications, such as, acid reflux, gastric, bloating and more. 

After several months of researching and developing recipes while consuming kombucha on a regular basis, we started noticing changes within our bodies. Our gut complications gradually diminished, better yet, resolved. Our immune system strengthened, reducing the frequency of us falling ill. 

This was when we started looking into the changes of our lifestyle to determine the root of it. Quickly, we realised that it's owning to the consumption of kombucha. Inspired by these events, we started to share the wonderful benefits of kombucha from how it has helped us, with our friends and family. 

In 2020, Slō kombucha was born.